XKROMA XK-BK1 Computer Case

Published: April 7, 2006
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Geeks.com

Closer look

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The rear of the case actually protrudes about 1 inch/2.5cm from the panel where all the rear ports are located.This is an added bonus, as the extra space should offer some additional protection to cable connectors.The cutouts are generous and provide enough access to connectors and screws.Another chrome grill sits in front of the location for two additional 80mm fans (not included with the case).

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The sides and top of the case are solid chrome panels, with the exception of another 80mm fan/chrome grill on the left of the case.No handles are provided.The case sits on a combination of two plastic feet in the front and two metal �protrusions� in the rear.I would have liked to have seen a little more thought in this area; perhaps some soft rubber feet.

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Let�s take a look inside Getting inside the XK-BK1 first involves a 90 degree turn of either of the two side knobs, which are made of plastic and seem a little flimsy.Also, the internal steel mechanism was in metal-to-metal contact with the side of the case, which didn�t produce the best sound and provided added concerns of future metal flaking.Once in the unlocked position, the doors are removed with firm upward/outward motion.

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The side 80mm fan (included) is mounted in the right location, right over where a typical CPU heatsink sits, and draws air inside the case and pushes it outwards.The fan is equipped with an adjustable sleeve/duct to help isolate the cooled area.

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The inside of the XK-BK1 is roomy, as are most full-sized cases.With 11 expansion slots ((4) 5.25� drive bays (for optical drives), (1) 3.5� external bay (for a floppy disk drive), and (6) 3.5� internal bays (for hard drives)), the case offers plenty of room for expansion and easy access.I had no problems mounting components into the case and accessing the screw locations.However, other than the orange plastic mount for the rear fans, the case interior offers little else noteworthy.Pre-drilled holes are available for accommodating regular ATX, micro-ATX, baby-AT, and mini-ATX motherboards. Drives are attached using standard Phillips screws, not tool-less thumb screws or rails found in other cases.No power supply is included with the case.

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