USB Geek USB Frog Mouse

Published: April 2, 2009
Author: Ville Ilonen
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Usbgeek

Thoughts on the USB Frog Mouse

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USB Geek is re-seller of many USB-gadgets. Their product range includes devices from many manufacturers. You can find almost everything which fits to USB from their websites with reasonable prices too. Today we will have a look at their frog mouse, which is mainly targeted to children.

About USB Geek:

USB Geek is a re-seller of many USB-based gadgets. On their pages you can buy anything from USB-slotted vacuum cleaners to mouses and keyboards. Their main idea is to keep people satisfied with quality products with reasonable prices.

More information available at


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Frog mouse came in simple plastic packet, with a carboard on the backside. There are no information about the product nor in front side or the backside. That’s nothing to get worry about as many of USB Geeks products are nonbranded in order to get prices cheaper. Front side of the packet shows us everything you’re going to get, mouse and simple mousepad.

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Let’s have a look at the mouse. Mouse has two eyes acting as right and left button and a small wheel in the middle of them. The wheel is also a button, like in many wheelmouses, and can be used as middlebutton. There is no driver-cd included so you have to use your operating systems own drivers. Mouse is connected to computer with USB-connector. No USB-PS/2 adapter is included for legacy computers. Looking underneath the mouse we see an optical sensor and some simple data about the mouse. Mouse uses 5V voltage and drains 1.5mA from the USB-slot.

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Mousepad is made from foam plastic. It is shaped like frogs head having a big smiley face with two large eyes. The pad itself is quite small and is more like funny looking than useful for any serious use, but at least you can get smiley on your childs face when having this kind of mouse pad.

Testing the USB Geek Frog Mouse:

We tested the mouse in simple desktop use and some gaming. In normal desktop use the mouse is like any other optical mouse. It might be that the shape of the mouse isn’t perfect for everyones hand, but I suppose if you’re going to buy one of these, it will be for your childs computer. For me, the mouse was just fine for about hour, but after that my wrist started to hurt a bit.

I tried also some simple games with this mouse. In hard movement I saw some jumping and the mouse didn’t always respond as quickly as I would have hoped. I tried also using the mouse on different mousepads and saw some performance increase in games when using a proper mousepad compared to the frog mouse pad which came with the mouse.


Priced around 15€ Frog Mouse is a fun gadget. I’m sure your kids will be pleased to have funny shaped mouse in their computer. However I wouldn’t suggest this mouse for any other use than to cheer up your kids. The mousepad is quite useless in serious gaming but in basic office work it will work just like any other mousepad.  The USB Geek frog mouse is easy way to cheer up your kids or your girlfriend/wife, but in any other situation it’s totally useless.


+ Funny look
+ Inexpensive


– Might not be perfectly shaped for everyones hands
– Mousepad brought some performance issues with games.