Spire Blackmoon Series 550W

Published: November 1, 2009
Author: Ville Ilonen
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Spire

Introduction & first looks

Spire is one of those manufacturers everyone knows. Their productline includes fans, coolers, cases, and powersupplies. We have reviewed many of their products in the past and today we will have a look at Spire Blackmoon Series 550W power supply. Will it be as high quality as previous powersupplies we have reviewed from Spire? Read and find out.

About Spire:

Spire is an internationally recognized and globally respected brand name for computer cooling products, power supplies, pc case and other computing accessories. Over the years Spire has distinguished and established itself as a global leader in providing quality and innovative thermal solutions to all levels of the marketplace.

As an ISO-14001 certified corporation Spire manufactures and markets innovative desktop, workstation and server products to meet the most stringent of quality requirements. With locations in China, California, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Brazil Spire has a proven track record and flexibility to provide solutions from development and deployment to support, service, logistics and product life-cycle management.

Spire targets the sophisticated middle-class demographic group that demands style, reliability and performance. As computers and consumer electronics converge, many build your own mainstream enthusiasts desire computer accessories, PC cases and Thermal solutions that combine elegance and design with the capability to integrate with their home design and can be well-displayed within a home while delivering the best performance.

More information available at www.spirecoolers.com

Features & Specifications:

* ATX Ver.2.2 Specification Compliant
* Sleeved cables and EZ-Connectors
* EMI Shielded VGA/HDD Power Connectors
* Supports the newest Intel & AMD based systems
* Cool-Blue LED 120mm DC fan
* 3 Speed Variable Fan Speed Temp-control
* Completely Silent 10.0 dBA up to 45C / 113F
* High Efficiency (85%) up to 30% less power consumption
* I/O/OVP/OLP and SCP Short Circuit- Overload- & Over current-Protection

Application    Intel & AMD ATX 12V Ver: 2.2
Cables    20+4pin 1PCS, SATA 1PCS, PCI 6pin 2PCS, 12V (4+4)pin 1PCS, IDE/Floppy 2PCS
Case    Black matt finish
Connectors    20+4pin 1PCS, SATA 2PCS, PCI 6pin 2PCS, 12V (4+4)pin 1PCS, IDE (Molex) 4pin 6PCS, Floppy 4pin 2PCS
Cooling    1 x 120mm fan with Blue LED
Features    Intel ATX 2.2 Specification Compliant Supports the newest Intel and AMD Micro-Processors I/O Short Circuit & Overload / OVP / OLP / SCP Protection Redundant Cooling System SATA Power Connector
Frequency    50~60 Hz
G.W. Weight    2.59 Kg
Hold-up Time    16 ms(min)
MTBF    100.000 hours
Noise Level    21.0 dB(max)
Nom. Power    550 W
P.G. Signal    100 ms<500 ms
Rated Current    10A for 115VAC / 5A for 230VAC
Safety Approvals    UL, FCC, CE, TUV
Voltage    200~240 Vac / 100~120 Vac(Europe=Passive PFC / USA=Select Switch)
Voltage Protection    +12V trip point 13.4V – 15.6V +5V trip point 5.74V – 7.0V +3.3V trip point 3.76V – 4.3V
Warranty    2 Year Limited Warranty
Weight    1820g

The Product:

Spire Blackmoon Series 550W Spire Blackmoon Series 550W
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Blackmoon 550W comes in black cardboard box with some red color in it. The front side shows us some  basic details about the powersupply and the picture of the product itself. On the backside there’s a small advertisement blurb about the Blackmoon powersupplies alongside with product specifications which include only the numbers of connectors in powersupply.

Spire Blackmoon Series 550W
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Taking a look inside reveals us the usual. Manual, a couple screws, powercord, and the powersupply itself. All of which is pretty much the basics which comes along with every powersupply on the market.

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