Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse

Published: November 17, 2010
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Roccat


Today we are taking a look at a new gaming mouse released by Roccat, we got a sample of their latest mouse named Kone+ that is aimed towards gamers but also normal users.

It seems to be a bit bigger than the average mouse but has some sweet features like 6400 DPI and weight control, stay tuned for more features.

About Roccat:

Read more on their website,


PRO-AIM Laser Sensor R2 (up to 6000dpi)
EasyShift[+] Button for 22 mouse functions
TDCU: Tracking & Distance Control Unit
4-LED Multicolor Light System for customizable colors and effects
ROCCAT™ Driver + Macro Manager
Macro Presets for games, multimedia & office apps
EasyAim and EasyWheel function
DPI-Switch – customizable in steps of 100dpi
Sound Feedback for profile, DPI, sensitivity and volume changes
576kB Onboard Memory for 5 Game Profiles
Easy-To-Clip-In weight system (4x5g)
8 mouse buttons + solid 4D mouse wheel
1000Hz polling rate
10.5 megapixel resolution, 11750fps
30Gs of acceleration
Speeds of up to 200ips (5.08m/s)
16-bit data channel
72MHz TurboCore Processor
Silent, frictionless Teflon® mouse feet
2m USB cable (USB 2.0)
MSRP: 79,99 Euro

The Product:

Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse
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The mouse comes packed in this black box with see through plastic cover and a small “lid” that you can open and feel the mouse, this of course through a plastic cover. On the back of the box you can read about the mouse features and specifications.

Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse
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Inside the box you will of course find the mouse, but you will also find a small plastic box that hold the four weights for the mouse. I like the fact that you can customize it a bit more since some people like bigger and heavier mice and there are only a few of them on the market.

There are four weights and each of them weigh 5 grams each so you can increase the weight with 20 grams. You also get a small folder where you will cd with software and drivers and some generic papers with info.

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