Raidsonic Icybox IB-NAS902

Published: August 9, 2009
Author: Ville Ilonen
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Raidsonic


Want to have fileserver, but don’t have the money or place to put the server? NAS is your solution. Raidsonic, among many other manufacturers, has launched network-attached storage product line and today we will have a look at their IB-NAS902B NAS-device.

About Raidsonic:

Our vision in a constantly gowing IT market is to develop products, which come your dreams ahead! Our extensive product portfolio, which we distribute Europe-wide, combine internal and external solutions for the application of mass storage, for industrial and professional applications as well  for the private shpere, too. Through our all along increasing know-how, good results in research and development and our good cooperation with our longtime customers we could achieve a dynamic growth.

RaidSonic Technology GmbH was founded in Hamburg 1999. To realize our future visions and the rising requirements, RaidSonic moved to Ahrensburg (20 min. away from Hamburg) in May 2004. The capacity of our new warehouse, our permanent improving logistic and the expanded technical support keeps us optimistic to look into the future.

As a manufacturer we have direct influence on product design concering quality, functionality and equipment. We constantly use high quality components and because of this decisive reason our products have a strong position in the upper market segment.


– For home and office networks or mobile as external enclosure
– Aluminium case for optimal heat dissipation without fan
– Easy configuration via web browser
– No software installation necessary at client PC
– Support Sleep mode
– Supports 3.5” SATA (up to 1TB) HDDs
– Support FAT32 filesystem
– Host link via Ehternet or USB interface possible
– 10/100Mbit Ethernet Interface
– Interface USB 2.0 (up to 480 Mbit/s); eSATA (up to 3.0Gbps)
– 4 Server in one
– Samba server (for Windows network shares, Mac OS X)
– FTP Server  (access by Internet)
– DHCP (auto IP configuration for network clients)
– UPnPAV Server for XBOX 360 (music & pictures)
– IP configuration static or DCHP
– Low power consumption
– External power supply AC: 100~240V 34W
– Scope of supply: IB-NAS902StUS2-B,external power supply,
power cable, USB & eSATA and ethernet cable, screwbag, manual


Raidsonic Icybox IB-NAS902 Raidsonic Icybox IB-NAS902
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IB-NAS902B came in a black colored cardboard box showing us the most important features and specifications of the product. The front side shows us the picture of the product along with info about SMB, FTP, DHCP, UPnP – 4 server in 1 advertisement. The backside gives us more detailed specifications in six languages.

Raidsonic Icybox IB-NAS902 Raidsonic Icybox IB-NAS902
Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures

Let’s have a look inside the box. First we see the product itself inside a small piece of cardboard. Taking it off reveals us the accessories bundled with the device. Stand, Ethernet cord, power cord, USB-cord, eSATA cord, manual and driver-cd are more than enough to set up your device.

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  • zoarl

    i´m totaly unsatisfied with this junk. i can get a connection to my android devices, but i am not able to upload any data.

    when i try to upload it really seems to work, it is also shown that files getting uploadet, but in the end nothing is on my hard drive. an data stored over usb also don´t get shown.
    The support of raidsonic is also sh*** to reques i have made, but no answer.
    there are better ways to thorw out money

  • Irask

    I have the same problem it says “No Storage Media”