Promolocker Promotional Product

Published: February 19, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Promolocker

Final Toughts

Promolocker Promotional Product Review Promolocker Promotional Product Review
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On the side of the wireless presenter they have placed a On/Off button which does excatly what is says. The USB drive looks pretty much the same as a normal USB drive. The only difference is that it has a switch so you can choose to either run it at USB 2.0 or USB 1.1.

Promolocker Promotional Product Review
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When the USB drive is connected and you run a presentation it allows you to change pages through the presenter itself.

These products are high quality, this I can say for certain after playing around with them for a whole day. I would not mind having these as my promo products at a exhibition or just to send to companies to market my company. I found alot of cool products at and can for sure recommend their service. The shipment was fast and their products are high quality and the print is also great.

Logos imprinted to any PromoLocker drive will never wear off…guaranteed!  All plastic drives are painted – imprinted – then seal coated with a glossy or rubberized clear coat. This I have personally also looked at by trying to rub the logos of for quite sometime but they still look as good as when they arrived.

Overall I am very happy with their products and I have also seen the pricelist for some products and they are not overpriced at all. They will for sure get my recommendations.

+ Good print
+ Loads of products
+ Good prices
+ Print wont wear off

– Clip on presenter is very tight
Promolocker Promotional Product Review

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  • Jonas Sjödin

    Great review! Maybe it will be easier to align the monitors if the both are the same model.