Patriot Box Office Media Player

Published: January 13, 2010
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Patriot


HTPC is something that is getting into every house these days, but what if you don’t want a big computer by your TV? There are several small media players on the market that can stream the content to your TV so you don’t have to have a bulky computer hooked up to it.

Patriot Box Office is one of these devices and we recieved one of them for a review, we are going to see how this device handles various formats such as; images and music so stick around to see what we think about it.

About Patriot:

Check out their website for more information,


Supports Full HD-video playback up to 1080p
Supports Dolby® Digital and DTS® surround sound
Expandable internal storage via 2.5″ SATA SSD/HDD
Supports video playback via UPnP network streaming
Browse for shared videos, photos and music from networks and USB Flash Drives and USB external storage
Supports many popular media formats

More features,

The Product:

Patriot Box Office Media PlayerPatriot Box Office Media Player
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The unit comes packed in a blue box with a picture of the unit on it. They also included a WIFI adapter from Patriot which is recommended if you want to stream media through WIFI without any issues.

On the side of the box you can read about the Box Office various features.

Patriot Box Office Media Player Patriot Box Office Media Player
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With the device you get a bunch of accessories and among them there is a quick install paper, cd with manual and software, batteries, and a power adapter so you can power the unit up. It works from 110-240V so you won’t have any problems regardless of where you live around the world.

You also get a USB cable, RGB cable, and a HDMI cable that is classed 1,3 for the latest functions as to date.

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  • zoarl

    i´m totaly unsatisfied with this junk. i can get a connection to my android devices, but i am not able to upload any data.

    when i try to upload it really seems to work, it is also shown that files getting uploadet, but in the end nothing is on my hard drive. an data stored over usb also don´t get shown.
    The support of raidsonic is also sh*** to reques i have made, but no answer.
    there are better ways to thorw out money

  • Irask

    I have the same problem it says “No Storage Media”