Noctua NH-C14 Cpu Cooler

Published: February 8, 2011
Author: Niko Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Noctua

2,8GHz Stock speed, max speed fans:

At full speed the fans make quite a bit of noise but cool the cpu a tad better. The Zalman runs the cpu even cooler than the Noctua in idle mode (Series 1) , but at full load (Series 2) the Noctuas fan power makes them more efficient.

3,2GHz Overclocked, Low rpm:

So we boosted the cpu a bit by raising it to 3.2GHz and increasing the vCore with 0.5V to get more heat. We can see here that the Zalman is cooler than the Noctuas at idle (Series1) and the NH-C14 is the coolest cpu at load (Series2).

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So in this test we got the fans at full speed, the temperature drops a tad compared to slow speed and in this test the C14 is one degree cooler than the C14.


This cpu cooler is huge, so make sure you got plenty of space in your case if you plan on getting it. When it comes to performance there is nothing more to say than it works absolutely excellent! Mounting was quite easy and there are instructions if you feel that its hard to do this by yourself. Overall a superb CPU cooler with the high quality that Noctua stands for.

Our full recommendations to this product!

High quality
+ Silent
+ Fairly easy to mount

– Huge!

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