Nexus RX-6300 PSU

Published: December 27, 2009
Author: Ville Ilonen
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Nexus

Introduction & first looks

We’ve reviewed quite a few Nexus powersupplies in the past. This time we will take a look at their newest product RX-6300, which is a 630W power supply cooled with a single 135mm fan. Let’s have a look how it succeeds in our tests.

About Nexus:

Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. The founders have build up an in depth knowledge and experience on heat conductivity issues and thermal characteristics by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years. The idea to have a full line of high quality computer components to improve the working environment by reducing noise levels brought the founders together. Continuously developing products to reduce noise levels and consequentially improve heat conductivity and airflow.

Our goal: Building a strong and reliable trademark for silent computing.


* 630 Watt true power PSU
* 82% efficiency; complies with 80PLUS BRONZE specifications
* Inaudible performance
* Modular cables sleeved with X-mesh
* Active PFC
* Real Silent 13.5cm fan
* Excellent airflow, honey-comb grill
* Full range automatic; no voltage selection has to be set
* Multiple safety features such as: overvoltage and short-circuit protection
* Ball bearing fan
* Complies to WEEE & RoHS
* Version ATX 2.2
* Size:150x86x158mm / 5.9×3.4×6.2in

The product:

Nexus RX-6300 Power Supply Review Nexus RX-6300 Power Supply Review
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The RX-6300 power supply comes in black cardboard box. The front side shows us a picture of the product included with some details like product name, a really silent 135mm fan, and modular cabling. On the backside it shows us more specific details with an array of voltage lines and currents.

Nexus RX-6300 Power Supply Review Nexus RX-6300 Power Supply Review
Please click on thumbnails to get bigger pictures

I’m taking a closer look at the power characteristics and it shows us that the unit is capable of providing 24A at 3.3V, 24A at +5V, 50A at +12V, 0.5A at -12V and 2.5A at +5VSB. However combined maximum of +3.3V and +5V shall not exceed 140W. Maximum power of the supply is 611.5W which is little under the 630W the power suplly is supposed to give.

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