Nexus Beamair

Published: March 19, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Nexus

Nexus Beamair Testing and Conclusion

Fans and cooling are something you should keep in mind when building a computer. There isn’t such a thing yet as a silent yet powerful fan. Nexus has made a new and original attempt to solve that issue. Nexus Beamair is a new kind of fan duct to get everything from your fan. Let’s have a look at it.

About Nexus:
Nexus Technology BV was established in 2000 by a group of experts on heat conductivity and noise reduction in the computer industry. The founders have build up an in depth knowledge and experience on heat conductivity issues and thermal characteristics by working closely with many of the larger pc manufacturers for several years.
The idea to have a full line of high quality computer components to improve the working environment by reducing noise levels brought the founders together. Continuously developing products to reduce noise levels and consequentially improve heat conductivity and airflow.
Our goal: Building a strong and reliable trademark for silent computing.
The Product:
Nexus Beamair Nexus Beamair
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Nexus Beamair was delivered in simple plastic bag. In front of the bag is a picture about beamairs operation principles. Our sample unit is designed to work with 120mm fans, but there is also the same kind of product available for 80mm and 92mm fans. There is no printed information on the backside of the packet.
Nexus Beamair
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The product itself is very bulky. With coarse mesh the product is supposed to control the airflow inside the computer case. As mentioned before our sample unit is designed for 120mm fans which will be connected with 4 screws (included with the beamair) to the product and case.
Nexus Beamair Nexus Beamair
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Pictures above will demonstrate the operation of the beamair. As you can see the airflow is much more scattered without the beamair, so there may be some sense using these products in very critical conditions like when having loads of hard disks in computer.
Testing the Nexus Beamair for 120mm fan:
We tested the product with our test setup including 3 hard disks, Nexus Clodius case, Ati Radeon 3870 and Core 2 Duo E4400 cpu.
We saw no temperature drop in processor temperature when using the beamair. However we saw about 3c degree drop in hard disk when using the beamair right next to hard disks compared to situation where beamair was not used.
However using the beamair will make your fans noise a bit louder. The difference might not be always noticeable, but when putting any kind of obstacles in airflow, it will make more noise than without the obstacle.
Priced around 10€ the beamair is something very interesting. The price isn’t bad, but it makes you wonder do you really need the beamair? I mean it might get your hard disk temperatures a bit lower, but on the other hand it will make your fans a bit louder.
All in all, if noise isn’t a problem for you and you need to take every bit of cooling performance out from your fans, then go ahead and buy beamair! Others should not waste their money on it.
+ Nice performance boost for fans
-  Makes your computer a bit noisier