Hiyatek HY-CF-6288-1 Laptop cooler and stand

Published: April 14, 2009
Author: Ville Ilonen
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Hiyatek

Our Toughts

Laptops are used in many places. Some of us use laptops as their desktop replacements. Those laptops can get quite hot every now and then when using programs which use a lot CPU- and GPU-time. Hiyatek has provided us the solution for this. Hiyatek HY-CF-6288-1 2 in 1 laptop cooling pad & stand is meant to be used as a stand for your laptop and to cool your laptop. Let’s have a look at it.

About Hiyatek:

Hiyatek International Co. was established in 1998 with high knowledge on R&D, production; self-assembly for computer storage accessorize (PC accessories). Our company located in Shin Chuang City in Taipei, and has over standard reputation in the market by keep providing an excellent quality and best service. We specialize in External Enclosure, Card Reader, Multifunction Transfer Panel, USB2.0 HUB, Notebook Cooling Pad, Mobile Rack, Cooling Fan… and so on.

As a respected leader in computer accessorize industry, we also provide satisfy OEM and ODM service to meet different consumer needs.

With our own factory in China, directly control product quality, and offer the best price for our customers, this is the reason why we can always achieve our goal and we believe in improving ourselves to meet customer needs can win the market. Contact with us to start a long term business, we believe we are able to benefit & extending your business. Don’t hesitate to contact with us. Just do it now.

More information available at www.hiyatek.com

Specifications and features:

– One 80mm fan
– USB bus-powered
– Embedded 4-port USB2.0 hub
– Adjustable knob design for typing angle
– Fits for all laptops
– Adjustable heights to suit your different using mode
-Dimension 320mm * 280mm * 42mm
-USB Hub: 4-port hub
-Material: ABS
-Fan Dimension: 80mm * 80mm * 15mm
-Fan RPM: 2500RPM
-Fan noise level: 26dBa
-Voltage rating: 5V / 1A
-Power cable: USB Y-cable

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Hiyatek laptop cooling pad & stand came in black thin box. On the front side of the packet you see some pictures of the product and its working principles. Hiyatek advertises the product with contractibility design, fit to all kinds of laptops and silent fan for superior heat dissipation. The back side of the package gives us more detailed features and specifications of the product as listed above.

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The product is made from black plastic. It has metal mesh in the center of the front side allowing air to flow to the bottom of your laptop. On the front side there are also two foldable stands to allow your laptop to be placed on the product. The backside of the stand has a hatch for to put USB-cable. Two foldable legs allow you to adjust the angle of the laptop. There is a hatch in the middle which allows you to clean and change the fan.

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The left side of the product has USB2.0 input port, power switch, and switch to control the speed of the fan. Left side of side of the product has 4-port USB2.0 hub.

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The fan is standard 80mm fan. The manufacturer of the fan is unknown and so are specifications and power consumptions. The fan is connected with standard 3-pin fan connector, however only 2 pins are used. The third pin is for fan speed monitoring and not needed in this product.

Testing Hiyatek HY-CF-6288-1 2 in 1 laptop cooling pad & stand

I’ve been using the stand with my IBM Thinkpad T42 for couple weeks now. The product feels high quality and does what it is supposed to do. Only a lack of a power supply is something worth mentioning. With all four USB-slots and fan in use, the limit of my laptops USB-slots power is near. You couldn’t even imagine to put multiple hard disks to the USB-hub in this product. However this problem can be solved by using third party power supply with the stand. There is a slot for 5V power supply in the left side of the product.

I’ve been using the product mainly as a stand for my laptop. It makes using a laptop more comfortable because you can raise the display of the laptop to the height of a traditional display. Cooling power of the product is something I could not really test as my laptop is not the hottest one. However I noticed couple degree decrease in CPU temperature and the bottom of the laptop was a way cooler than without a stand.


I haven’t seen Hiyatek’s laptop stand in stores so I have no idea what is its price. However if the product’s price is reasonable, I see no reason why this wouldn’t be a success.  Similar products from Logitech costs around 30€ here in Finland. Cooling performance and ease of use is something which makes this product different from other ones. Most coolers I’ve seen are only coolers and not stands. This product ingeniously combines these two features. I could recommend this product to anyone who is using their laptop as a desktop replacement. It makes using your laptop more comfortable yet cooling it with reasonable noise.

+ Easy to use
+ Nice performance
+ Combines stand and cooler

–  Availability

  • Jonas Sjödin

    Great review! Maybe it will be easier to align the monitors if the both are the same model.