Coolermaster Sileo 500

Published: August 17, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: Coolermaster

Sileo 500 Features

Coolermaster is well known for their high-end cases, but what about their mid range cases that everyone can afford? We are looking at the Sileo 500 today that seems to have some silent features and a stylish look. It also has a PSU included with the bundle that we are going to look in a separate review so the features are quite cool, lets take a closer look.

About Coolermaster:

Check out their website,


Sound-proof design for a quiet computing experience
Subtle ventilation holes located between side and front panels
Easy access front I/O panel with support for e-SATA
5.25″ and 3.5″ tool-free design for easy installation and upgrade
Aluminum bezel with Elegant design
Detachable anti-vibration HDD pads for noise reduction
Stylish front LED


Available Color Black
Dimension (W / H / D) (D)480 x (W)200 x (H)432mm
Weight 9.7 kg; 21.38 lb
Motherboards Micro-ATX, ATX
5.25″ Drive Bay 5 Exposed
3.5″ Drive Bay 1 Exposed;
4 Hidden
I/O Panel USB x 2,
eSATA x 1,
Mic x 1,
Audio x 1
Cooling System Front: One 120 x 25mm standard fan
Rear: One 120 x 25mm standard fan
Power Supply Standard ATX PS2 (optional)

The Product:

Coolermaster Sileo 500 Coolermaster Sileo 500
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The case comes packed in a white and purple box which are Coolermasters main colors these days. On the front they have printed their logo and a picture of the case. The case is black with several ports in the front for easy access, it does not have a plexi window which seems to be disliked by alot of users these days.

Coolermaster Sileo 500 Coolermaster Sileo 500
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In the front you will have four 5.25 slots along with one floppy drive slot and some front panel connectors, they have placed two USB, sound and a Esata port in the front.

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