Antec P100 Case

Today we are taking a look at a miditower case from Antec which is a sample from their performance series. The P100 seems to be a very nice case with a clean look and most of the needed features these days. Having said this, lets get on with the review! About Antec: Find out more […]

NZXT H630 Gaming Case

Need a big case? Then you should definitely look at an Ultra tower case that we are reviewing today. This case comes from our friends at NZXT and its named H630. This is a huge case with a lot of slots for both fans and HDD’s, it also has some cool cable managment features and […]

Aerocool Xpredator case

Today we are taking a look at a case from Aerocool which happens to be the new Xpredator gaming case. I have not had the chance to review Aerocool products in the past so I’m really looking forward to this review, the case seems filled with cool features. About Aerocool: Read more about them on […]

Antec GX700 Military Case

Today we will have the pleasure of taking a look at the newest case from Antec. Our test subject is called GX700 which is a military themed mid-tower sized case. Let’s see what it has to offer and what kind of interesting features it has. About Antec: Check their webpages at for information about […]

Coolermaster Centurion 6

Today we will take a look at the new midi-sized case from Coolermaster called Centurion 6. Let’s see what it has to offer and if it’s worth buying. About Coolermaster: Check their webpages at for information about the company. Specifications: Available Color Black & Silver / Midnight Black Materials Steel body, aluminum, metal mesh […]

Antec P280

Antec is one of the most famous case manufacturers on market. Recently they announced the newest case in their Performance series which is called P280. It is a midsized tower case which follows the famous P180-series. We will take a look at it and see if it can compete against its older brothers. Let’s see […]

CmStorm Scout 2 computer case

In need a of a new case for your new setup? Maybe this new Scout 2 from Cmstorm could be something for you, this case sells for around 90-100$ so the price is fair but are the features? About Cmstorm: Read more about Cmstorm on their website, Specifications: Model Number SGC-2100-KWN1 Available Color Full Midnight […]

Bitfenix Prodigy mini-itx case

Mini-ITX computers have become more and more popular nowadays. Today we will take a look at one of the largest mini-itx cases we’ve seen so far, it’s called Bitfenix Prodigy. It is a perfect case for a LAN-party machine or file server. Let’s see how it performs and what it can offer in homeserver use. […]

Coolermaster HAF XM

Coolermaster is probably a manufacturer most everyone of us knows. They sent us their newest midsized tower case called HAF XM. It belongs to the HAF (High airflow) -series being the newest generation of it. Let’s see how well it performs and what it has to offer! About Coolermaster: Check their webpages at for […]

Cooler Master Silencio 450 Case review

Today we are going to take a look at a computer case named “Silencio 450″ from Cooler Master.  Cooler Master is known for their high quality products that are often low-noise.  I myself am very interested in and attracted to low noise products and am excited to get right on this case and test it out! […]