Zalman VF950 LED & Zalman VF770

Introduction & Specifications Many times there situations come about when you want to overclock your graphics cards and your old faithful cooler gets broken. Usually the only way to solve this is to buy a new third hand cooler. This time we will take a look at two mainstream GPU coolers from Zalman and compare them […]

Arctic Cooling Turbo Module VGA Cooler Add-on

Introduction A few months ago, we had a chance to review the Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 video card cooler, which we found to be an innovative and solidly performing cooler despite its passive nature.We also wondered how it would perform if a fan were added to the mix.Well, thanks to the folks at Arctic Cooling, […]

Arctic Cooling Accelero S2 Video card cooler

Introduction Like most other computer components, we�ve seen tremendous gains in the level of video card performance, as manufacturers push the envelope and develop new technology.Unfortunately, along with those gains typically comes an unwanted byproduct- heat.Arctic Cooling, well-known manufacturers of a wide range of cooling products, has developed a new line of passive VGA coolers […]

Zalman Vf900-cu GPU cooler

Introduction With the faster video cards we get more problems with heat and noise, therefore Zalman has developed this new GPU cooler to be able to keep up with the heat and at the same time they have focused on getting it quiet. The Vf900-CU seems to be a winner but how does it perform […]

Thermalright V1-Ultra GPU cooler

Introduction With games becoming more advanced, everyone’s trying to figure out ways to get the most out of their graphics card so they don’t have to upgrade.Overclocking seems like the logical way to do this, but with faster speeds comes more heat. With some not willing to take the financial plunge into water cooling, the […]

Zalman Zm80d-hp Noiseless VGA cooler

Introduction Fanless cooling solutions are very popular these days, people want quiet yet effective computers that are able to take some heat. Zalman has specialized in fanless solutions and today we have their latest vga cooler which consist of two big heatsinks connected to each other through two heatpipes that go on each side of […]

Zalman VF700-Cu

Introduction Today we are looking at a very cool designed GPU cooler from Zalman, the name of that cooler is VF700-Cu. Today I will also try to pick a winner between this cooler and the Arctic NV Silencer 5, it has been a big debate between these two coolers for a long time now in […]

Zalman Zm80c-hp GPU cooler

Introduction Zalman makes noiseless fans, coolers, etc for alot of products. We have the honor to review their Zm80c-hp video card cooler. This cooler is fanless (fan is an option) and makes no noise. You mount these huge heatsinks on the video card and a heatpipe to connect them together. We are going to see […]