4 Methods of Technology That Can Improve Your Business Productivity

4 Methods of Technology That Can Improve Your Business Productivity Various aspects of technology can help virtually any business model by increasing efficiency and lowering costs. Whether you’re looking for a way to pay the overhead costs or you’re investigating methods to keep more available money in the bank accounts, technology can help. How can […]

Ryos Series expands with RGB LEDs and smartphone integration

Leading German manufacturer of high quality gaming peripherals, ROCCAT, hits glitzy Las Vegas for CES 2015 with an expanded range of connected devices. The ROCCAT Phobo concept made its debut in 2012, as a gaming keyboard with a slot-integrated smartphone. ROCCAT is proud to announce that this concept has been reborn as the Ryos Phobo, […]

Roccat Ryos TKL Pro Mechanical gaming keyboard

Today we are taking a look at a mechanical keyboard from Roccat. We got a sample of their Ryos TKL Pro that lacks the numpad which is meant for gamers that want a smaller keyboard with nice mechnical switches. Lets take a closer look! About Roccat: Curious about Roccat? Find out more on their website, http://www.roccat.org/home/ […]

Icy Box IB-Mp401Air Streaming Receiver

Today we are taking a look at something different from Icy Box; who is a long time sponsor of ours. We recieved the Air Stream receiver for testing; this device is supposed to stream your music from your  computer or cell to your  normal home stereo receiver which means you can run the control the music […]

Roccat Kave XTD Stereo Headset

Today we are taking a look at a new headset from Roccat; we have their Xave XTDS Stereo in our hands that we are going to be testing out in various enviorments. This is a light weight headset with fairly sensitive headphones and a nice design… so lets get on with the review! About Roccat: […]

Roccat Tyon gaming mouse

It is time for another gaming mouse review; we  have a sample of the Roccat Tyon in our hands. This is a one well equipped mouse with some cool features and buttons that I have  not seen before so lets get on with the review. About Roccat: Find out more about Roccat on their website, http://www.roccat.org Specifications: […]

Attitude One Rapira One gaming mouse

Today we are taking a look at a product once again from Attitude One. They sent us their Rapira One gaming mouse.  We are going to be testing it vs some other well performing mice that we have reviewed in the past so lets get on with the review. About Attitude One: Find out more […]

ROCCAT’s Tyon Gaming Mouse has arrived

ROCCAT™ Studios once again leads the way in gaming peripheral design and execution with the release of the highly touted and much anticipated Tyon All Action Gaming Mouse, arriving today in the United States, Europe and Australia. The Tyon is a wholly unique gaming mouse that puts every major action in the palm of the player’s hand. The Tyon’s X-Celerator, […]

The Kave XTD Stereo Set to Make Waves This September

ROCCAT’s latest gaming headset brings premium quality to the masses Hamburg, 23 September 2014 – ROCCAT Studios adds another peripheral to its gaming stable, with the Kave XTD Stereo Gaming Headset arriving in stores today. “When ROCCAT designs a headset, we make big claims, and we back them up. Our renowned Kave XTD Series has […]

Antec GX500 Case

Can a 50$ case be worth looking at when you buy a new case? Well thats what we are going to figure out today, Antec sent us their GX500 case that cost less than 50$ but is packed with loads of features. About Antec: Find out more on their website, http://www.antec.com/index.php?page=info_about Specifications: Model GX500 Case Type […]