AMD Phenom 2 955

Published: June 19, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: AMD

First look at the Phenom 2 955 BE

AMD sent us another one of their latest cpu´s, we got a sample of their Phenom 2 955 which should prove to be the AMD´s current badboy. We are going to compare it vs the 940 cpu and vs a older Intel cpu in various tests. Lets take a closer look and see what we can expect for these 245$ that you end up paying for this unit.

About AMD:

Check out their site,,,51_52,00.html


Brand: AMD
Processors: Type Desktop
Series: Phenom II X4
CPU Socket Type: Socket AM3
Core: Deneb
Multi-Core: Quad-Core
Name: Phenom II X4 955 Black Edition
Operating Frequency: 3.2GHz
L2 Cache: 4 x 512KB
L3 Cache: 6MB
Manufacturing Tech: 45 nm
64 bit Support: Yes
Hyper-Transport Support: Yes
Virtualization Technology Support: Yes
Voltage: 0.875V – 1.5V
Thermal Power: 125W

The Product:

AMD Phenom 2 955
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This is the latest and fastest AMD processor on the market right now, it sells for around 245$ on Newegg just as an example. Lets have a closer look at how it can perform in our tests.


Amd Phenom 2 955
Asus Crosshair 3 motherboard
Patriot PVS32G1800LLK memory kit
Asus 9800GT Videocard
Coolermaster M700 PSU

We used the following software in our tests, Sisoft Sandra 2009, SuperPi, Pcmark Vantage and overclocking was done through Bios.

Sisoft Sandra 2009, CPU Benchmark:

AMD Phenom 2 955

All the processors we use in our tests are Quad core which means they have four cores. We use the Phenom 2 940 and the older Intel QX6700 to compare vs. We can here see that the new 955 actually beats these processors with alot of points.

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  • LoL

    where the hell the GPU??? APU??? LOL

  • JoeUser

    Umm buddy this is not an APU… the A-series processors are APUs. This is an FX-series processor