AMD Phenom 2 905e CPU

Published: July 20, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: AMD

First look at the Phenom 2 905e

Another AMD processor reached our mailbox a week ago, it’s the Phenom 2 905e which is supposed to be a mid range processor. You can get this for around 180$ so it’s not to badly priced if the performance is decent. We are going to compare it vs the high end Phenom 2 955 and mid end 940 from AMD to see where we can place this processor performance wise.

About AMD:

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  • LoL

    where the hell the GPU??? APU??? LOL

  • JoeUser

    Umm buddy this is not an APU… the A-series processors are APUs. This is an FX-series processor