Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 Cpu

Published: October 20, 2009
Author: Amber Lupala
Editor: Amber Lupala
Provider: AMD


AMD has released several lower end cpu´s on to the market to compete with Intel. We are going to look at the Athlon 2 X2 245 cpu that sells for about 50$ which is one of the cheapest cpu´s on the market. We have decided to compare it in some tests vs a Intel 6300 cpu that has the same cache and clock speed.

About AMD:

Check out their website for more information,,,51_52,00.html


Check out their website for full specifications,

The Product:

Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 Cpu Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 Cpu
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This CPU looks like all the other AM3 cpu´s on the market and we got it packed in a plastic box that has padding in it.


Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 CPU
MSI 785GM-E65 Motherboard
4GB Corsair TR3X6G1600C7 DDR3
Patriot TorqX 64GB SSD
Asus 9800GT
Coolermaster M00 PSU

Testing was done with the following software, Sisoft Sandra 2009 SP4, SuperPi, Winrar, Pcmark Vantage and Cinebench.

Sisoft Sandra 2009, Cpu Arithmetic:

Amd Athlon 2 X2 245 Cpu

We are comparing this cpu vs the Intel E6300 which has 100MHz less but cost about 20$ more. Our first test is from Sandra 2009, and here we can see that the Intel processor is actually quite a bit faster.

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  • LoL

    where the hell the GPU??? APU??? LOL

  • JoeUser

    Umm buddy this is not an APU… the A-series processors are APUs. This is an FX-series processor