Chaintech Apogee FlashSSD A-series 64GB

Introduction & First looks Today we will take a look at the Taiwanese manufacturer Chaintech’s new SSD drive called Apogee FlashSSD-A 64GB. Let’s take a look how this 64GB MLC SSD performs in our tests. About Walton Chaintech: Check out Walton Chaintech’s webpages for information about the company: Specifications: Form Factor: 2.5”slim design form factor […]

AMD Phenom 2 X6 1075T CPU

1075T Specifications Today we are taking a look at a recent CPU from AMD, their new CPU has six cores, and a 3MB L2 cache and runs 3GHz speed. They named it 1075T which is one step slower than the 1090T looking at the specifications. Lets see what we can get out of this CPU. About […]

Thermaltake JING CPU Cooler

First look at the Thermaltake Jing CPU Cooler Can you remember the legendary coolers like the Sonic Tower or Big Typhoon, for example? I’m sure your answer is yes because these products were truly ruling the world of cooling at the time. Now it’s time for another revolution! Thermaltake has taken a new step and […]

Roccat Kone + Gaming Mouse

Features Today we are taking a look at a new gaming mouse released by Roccat, we got a sample of their latest mouse named Kone+ that is aimed towards gamers but also normal users. It seems to be a bit bigger than the average mouse but has some sweet features like 6400 DPI and weight […]

ROCCAT™ Taito Kingsize – mTw Edition Mousepad

Roccat Taito Features With a good gaming mouse you need a good gaming mousepad, Roccat a known maker of excellent gaming mice knows this and has therefore put out a new mousepad named which has been named, “Taito”. Together with mTw Roccat has put together a huge mousepad that seems to suit most gamers on […]


Specifications and Features The HALE90 power supply unit from NZXT is by every standard a high performance PSU. Advertising 100% Japanese Capacitors, active PFC, and a single 12v rail design these are obviously not targeted to the average home or office consumer. Today we take a quick look at the HALE90-850-M power supply from NZXT. […]