Trust 735s digital camera

Introduction We reviewed a Trust camera awhile back that gave alot of camera for a small amount of money. Today we are having a look at a even smaller camera. Will it be able to take good enough pictures even for the picky dude? Well let�s have a look and see what we got here […]

Corsair Twinx512x-3200LL

ntroduction Corsair is a name many of us know nowadays! They make this wonderful high overclocking memory and even watercooling kits nowadays. Tonite we are reviewing 2 sticks of memory called Twinx512x-3200LL which run as dual memory. About Corsair: Corsair memory is specifically designed for rock-solid performance in the most demanding of applications. Data lines […]

Nexustek PHT3600

Introduction Time for another cooler review and this time it is from Nexustek. It’s a P4 fan which seems really fine and is supposed to run REALLY quiet. It has a new heatsink technology which they call the Skivetek which is supposed to also be really good. We are going to try this cooler under […]

Vantec Ion 400W power supply sent to us from Jacoltech

Introduction Date 2003-09-20 Provider: Jacoltech Author: BigMan Editor: Princess Ammie Vantec Ion 400W power supply sent to us from Jacoltech There are tons of power supplies out there but only a few that are really quiet and that are still able to perform well. We have brands such as Vantec, Zalman, and Antec that are […]

Speeze Pantherstream AMD Cooler

Introduction Speeze makes a variety of coolers. They try to make good coolers but still at a good price. Today we are having a look at a cooler called Pantherstream from them and it’s a P4 cooler so we are going to see how it compares to Aero 478 and how it does under overclocking. […]

Coolermaster Jet7 cpu cooler

ntroduction Today we have the Jet 7 cpu cooler from Coolermaster on the testbench. Today is the day this cooler gets released by Coolermaster so this is relly exciting to be able to review this cooler at the same day. The Jet 7 comes with new looks but still with the same features as the […]

Leadtek FX5600 128 mb video card

Introduction This FX card we are reviewing tonite might be the best buy you can get for your hard earned money. The ATI Radeon 9600 and the FX5600 seems to be the “get the most for the least amount of money” cards out there We are going to have a look at a FX5600 card […]

Dangerden Maze 4 Waterblock

Introduction Dangerden Maze 4 Waterblock I have tried a few waterblocks in my days and I still say that Dangerden blocks are the best out there. We are going to have a look at Maze 4 tonite and we are going to compare it to the Maze 3 block which is pretty old now. This […]

Zalman Zm80c-hp GPU cooler

Introduction Zalman makes noiseless fans, coolers, etc for alot of products. We have the honor to review their Zm80c-hp video card cooler. This cooler is fanless (fan is an option) and makes no noise. You mount these huge heatsinks on the video card and a heatpipe to connect them together. We are going to see […]

Sapphire ATI Radeon 9600 256mb video card

Introduction It was awhile ago we reviewed a video card here at rbmods but that is about to change now since Sapphire was nice enough to send their ATI Radeon 9600 for a review. This card is a middle class card which most people can afford yet still performs quite well. We are going to […]